Deep Cleaning Process


Deep Cleaning Process

Don’t Wait for Spring to Experience Sparkling Cleanliness Get the fresh feel of spring cleaning throughout the entire year with our deep cleaning system. Our unique, focused cleaning approach ensures that every nook and cranny of your home gets the same attention as every other surface. Why settle for anything less?

How Deep Cleaning Works For You:

We utilize a special deep cleaning method during your cleaning. In order to make sure that every area gets focused attention, we do the deep cleaning process in one day. During the first cleaning session, we pay close attention to detail in all areas of the home including baseboards, all cabinet fronts, light switches. In the kitchen we clean grease filters and stove knobs. In the bathrooms we pay special attention to grout, use toothbrushes around faucets, drains, toilet hinges, and in shower tracks. Once this is completed, we have detailed your entire home and we will maintain the top-notch cleanliness we have achieved in subsequent visits.

Because we care about the health of you and your family, we use only Green cleaning products along with microfibers and HEPA filtered vacuums. Let St. Louis Cleaning Done Right LLC help you present the clean house you have always wanted.